The newest offering, a rocking duet with Gina and Mark.

Ginamark | The Road to You

FEATURING TWO GREAT SONGS: The classic Janis Joplin song, "Me and Bobby McGee" and a Ginamark original "Permanent Holiday".

Me and Bobby McGee CD Single, GINAMARK

includes 10 Ginamark originals, FEATURING 5th Avenue, Remember and the rock instrumental, Keys to the Royal Doors.


The Other Side, GINAMARK

New Inspiration, GINAMARK



Including the remakes, "Bridge Over Troubled Water" and "Over the Rainbow"

GinaMark: I Like Everything About You single

 I LIKE EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU - now playing in Walgreens Drug Stores and Safeway Food Stores on their home music network.



After becoming a million seller for the Carpenters in the early 70's, this song has gone on to become a radio staple. and now covered here by Ginamark, the song takes on a whole new character.    


Our first CD recorded in 1996 and it went to the top 20 of the Gavin report.


GinaMark | Fool's Gold

Ginamark: Tune Me In
TEN ORIGINALS FEATURING: 1. Tune Me In 2. Sensual Kiss 3. A Woman Won't Wait 4. Cupid 5. What if Someday 6. Slipping Away 7. Nothing But You 8. Love,Love 9. Hired Hands 10. Marriage Of Souls
GinaMark: Christmas Eve

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