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Makes me feel OLD seeing you mark you look fantastic. I was watching an old show you did at the whitman park. I live down the street at the "senior" housing I have lost contact with everyone so glad I found the ginamark site! Listening to you on the keyboard brought back awesome memories
kick it out cuzzzzzzzzzzzzz....see ya soon! Can't wait to meet mark.
We saw GinaMark perform last night at the Whitman town park. One word: AWESOME! What a medley... what a voice Gina has... what talent Mark has on the keyboard and Bob on the Sax...just incredible!
I love your site. Very enjoyable.
Just downloaded the new album "The Other Side"....and absolutely LOVE the song "We Don't Have to Say Goodbye". Another trademark GinaMark classic! So many good songs packed onto this one album. It was good to hear some of my old favorites again...."Remember" is my all time GinaMark favorite!!! Fine work! Look forward to hearing them live at one of your upcoming performances! Laurie Weymouth
Hey Gina & Mark I can't tell u how much I play your music here in Mimai, but this evening, I am in need of your music, especially your voice Gina. I miss you guys. Tried calling you at home to say hello. You must be busy. XOXOXOOX......Love U and miss you Mark
Hi Guys Can't wait until this evening at East Bay I've invited six people and some of them have dates. I am cranked!!
Stumbled into the East Bay Grill last night and was blown out of my socks. And then to have Mark on the keys. I was better entertained last night then times where I spent $500 for ticket. I'm you man!
love the look of the new website! black and white is soooo cool, guys. great choices for your bumpe r music also. we need to get out and dance to the best band in New England. see you at East Bay Grille, hopefully.
You guys are the greatest. Everlasing fun and happy times when I see you. Like the new Christmas songs. ~K
You have a fantastic sond sorry to miss you tonight. Hope you are going to be back on Dec. 10th.
Hey Mark & Gina, Finally, I am coming up from Miami on the 9th for a couple weeks and you're actually going to be performing while I am here. And at my favorite resturant in Plymouth !!!!Can't wait to see ya's. Love Ya's. Mark
you guys ROCK!!!! see you Sat night party of 8 large round table inside the dance floor area against the window!!!! :-) Lot of yelling and screaming going on!!!!
hi guys! happy new year! hope all is well!
Hey guys! Was just thinking of you's. I am coming up this weekend from Miami and was hoping to see ya's. Well maybe next time! Love the new website. Love Ya's Mark
Just wanted to say we loved the show. You are both fantastic. Gary & I were the ones that met you at EBG on Saturday. We were with Dennis & Nancy. Love the CD we bought. Hope to see you play again real soon. Karen
WoW!!! I LOVE this new website. It looks absolutely awesome! I have been to see GinaMark many times and am always blown away by the talent Mark has on the keyboard and the sounds that Gina creates with that beautiful instrument of her voice and the way the two meld together!! I always leave feeling like I saw big time professionals who leave me wondering why on earth someone hasn't signed them yet........I have no doubt their talent could fill even the biggest venues ........if given the opportunity!!! I know I'd pay to see them!
If you haven't seen Ginamark haven't experienced great music live!! I have seen and been in local bands, and no one comes close to the sheer musicianship and talent that Mark and Gina posses. I have seen them multiple times over the last 11 years and always look forward to their shows!!
Love the new web site. Hope to see you guys on the 3oth.
Just wanted to let you know I love the new website! Hoping to see the performance on the 30th in Plymouth as I've not been there before. Last time was the fundraiser dinner this Spring in Pembroke. Sorry about Hyannis. It was way out of the way but I had actually hoped maybe it could be done some weekend :(. Oh well, Plymouth is really lots closer. Hope to see you soon. P.S. No need to add this to your e-mail list....I'm on it already. Gail

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